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Rubber Moulded Parts - Material Selection guide
The application of an elastomeric material is determined by its inherent physical properties. Using elastomer-specific additives and chemicals enhances these properties to meet the functional expectations of the final part.
We expertize in formulating the following materials for a variety of applications:
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Material Durometers (ShoreA) Key Features
Natural Rubber
40 to 90
The first rubber material to be discovered. Natural Rubber is widely used in the tyre industry. It has high tensile strength; high resilience, high abrasion and high tear resistance properties, with a good friction surface and excellent adhesion to metals. Natural Rubber is highly resistant to medias such as organic acids and alcohols, and fairly resistant to aldehydes.

(Buna N) (NBR)
40 to 90
Nitrile is currently the most widely used elastomer in the seals industry. This elastomer is highly resistant to petroleum based oils and fuels, silicone greases, water and alcohol, hydraulic fluids. While exhibiting such charecteristics it also has desirable working properties such as high tensile strength and abrasion resistance and low compression set.

Hydrogenated NBR (HNBR)
40 to 90
HNBR has enhanced NBR properties in all respects. Primarily used for all oil resistant applications, which includes resistance to additives such as detergents, anti oxidants and anti wear agents. Used in seals for a variety of applications in automotive fuel handling systems, general industrial usage.

Styrene Butadine Rubber
40 to 90
Styrene butadiene has excellent water resistance and abrasion resistance. It is widely used in the tyre and conveyer belts industry and competes with Natural Rubber for these applications.

Ethylene Propylene (EPDM)
40 to 90
Featuring good resistance to polar solvents such as ketones (MEK & Acetone). EPDM is also highly recommended for effective resistance to steam, hot water, silicon oils and greases, dilute acids and alkalis, alcohols and automotive brake fluids. It is mostly used in automotive break systems, cooling systems and outdoor weather resistant applications.

40 to 90
Especially resistant to high temprations in primarily static applications. Silicones are fungus resistant, odorless, tasteless, non toxic elestomers possessing high resistance to the aging effects of both sunlight and ozone attack. Widely used in medical seals, eletronic connector seals and food and drugs industry.

40 to 90
Combining the good high and low temperature stability of silicones with the fuel, oil and solvent resistance of fluorocarbon compounds feature good compression set and resilience properties. FVMQ compounds are suitable for exposure to air, sunlight, ozone, chlorinated and aromatic hydrocarbons.

Cast (PU)
40 to 90
Exceptional abrasion resistance, tensile strength, and low friction qualities. Cast Polyurethane compounds feature high resistance to mineral-based oils and petroleum products, aliphatic solvents, alcohols and ethers. Cast PU is used in high preassure hydraulic applications and is an excelent bas material for O-Rings.

(Chloroprene) (CR)
40 to 90
An early developed oil resistance substitute for Natural Rubber. Neoprene features moderate resistance to petroleum oils, good resistance to ozone, sunlight and oxygen aging, relatively low compression set, good resilience, reasonable cost and high resistance to attack by freon and ammonia. Used for sealing purposes in refrigiration and for outdoor applications.

(Viton) (Fluorel) (FKM)
40 to 90
Combining high temperature toughness with wide chemical agent compatibility, Fluorocarbon compounds feature excellent resistance to petroleum products and solvents with good high temperature compression set characteristics. Majorly used as O-Ring material in critical sealing applications such as the aircraft engines industry.

Butyl Rubber
40 to 90
Originally known as the “inner tube rubber”, is resistant to abrasion, ozone, weathering, and many chemicals, exhibits low resilience, and has excellent dampening properties.

Hypalon Rubber
40 to 90
Offers excellent color stability, low moisture absorption, good dielectric qualities, and high abrasion resistance.

40 to 90
Exceptional resistance to high temperature oil, power steering fluids, the best application for Polyacrylic is as O-Rings in automatic transmission and power steering systems in automobiles. Highly resistant to sunlight and ozone degradation, and exceptionally resistant to flex cracking.

40 to 90
Enhancing the mechanical and low temprature properties of Polyacrylic, Vamac is best suited for automotive sealing. It features excellent resistance to heat, ozone and sunlight aging, and good resistance to oil swelling, glycols, diluted acids and water.
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